Correct preparation of raw materials is essential to achieving excellent, consistent results and requires the reliability, experience and know-how that only a world leader can offer. Automatic raw material batching offers flexiblesolutions that can be adapted to suit individual body characteristics and output volumes.
TDT turbo-mixers are specially designed for the blunging of ceramic raw materials. The range of Sacmi TDT is as follows.
TDT - Catalogue
# A complete range of models from 200 dm to 38 m/3 for all discontinuous wet grinding requirements for ceramic mixtures and glazes.
The fast-acting TFPs for tableware production with marine propellers for raw materials dispersion in water and mix homogenisation in 5-40 m/3 tanks are designed with a stainless steel impeller and anti-corrosion coated shaft. The slow-acting ASPs for tableware production with shaft and rakes for 10-200 m/3 storage tanks are designed with stainless steel blades and shaft.
Ideally suitable for input supply to spray dryers, filter presses and extended slip distribution networks. These pumps are configured for their specific application, with parts in contact with slip made from stainless steel.
PPB - Catalogue
# With one or two sieving meshes for ceramic slip, glazes and spray-dried powder
Lance-type ATMs configured for their specific application.
ATM - Catalogue
for mixing, homogenizing and de-airing of ceramic paste in plastic state.
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