CFI Article: 20 Years of ALPHA CERAMICS GmbH in Aachen

A Test Centre Goes its Own Way

Over the past two decades, besides its function as a technology and development centre for LAEIS, ALPHA CERAMICS has established itself as a competent, cooperative and reliable partner in ceramicmanufacture, both as a supplier of kiln furniture of all types as well as a service provider for contract production of non-oxide and oxide ceramic intermediate products and components.

cfi/Ber. DKG 96 (2019) No. 1-2

''20 Years of ALPHA CERAMICS GmbH in Aachen – A Test Centre Goes its Own Way''

Acknowledgment: This article is posted with permission of Ceramic Forum International (Göller Verlag)


Riedhammer to play starring role at Powtech 2019

Sacmi Group company to present its latest technological solutions at the number one fair for the powder, granule and bulk solids industry (Nuremberg, 9-11 April 2019)

The leading designer and producer of kilns for the ultra-high temperature firing of sanitaryware, technical ceramics and special ceramics, Riedhammer will soon be exhibiting at Powtech 2019 (Nuremberg, 9-11 April 2019), the world’s undisputed number one fair for powder, granule and bulk solids technologies.

The event – which showcases the market's most advanced processes and technologies - will see Riedhammer's latest technological solutions play a pivotal role (at stand 4-450, Hall 4). These include rotary kilns – with both direct and indirect heating – and if required also in gas-tight design that allow carefully controlled firing of powders and other materials in special atmospheres (nitrogen, hydrogen and other gases).

Riedhammer also responds to the industry's strategic needs by providing kilns for continuous firing: cutting-edge solutions for the calcination or firing of powders or granules under air or other atmospheres that can be treated at temperatures as high as 1,650 °C.

Visitors to the fair – the 2017 edition of which attracted over 14,000 participants from 76 countries and almost 900 exhibitors from 29 countries – will find Riedhammer's staff on hand to illustrate all the latest developments in the product range for the engineering, treatment and firing of powders, granules and bulk solids in general.




Symposium with topics related to Technical Ceramics

Munich, April 9th


TEAM by Sacmi is pleased to invite you to attend TEAM Day 2018, which will offer interesting presentations covering a broad range of themes regarding advanced ceramics and the related technology. It will also provide a forum for information exchange, discussion and networking for our customers and friends. Join TEAM Day 2018 to learn more about us and interesting developments in the field of advanced ceramics in the enjoyable atmosphere of a place with great tradition in Bavaria. Participants will receive a voucher for free access to the CERAMITEC Fair! Date: 9th April 2018 (the day before CERAMITEC fair opening)

Place: Paulaner am Nockherberg, Hochstrasse 77, D-81541 Munich

Important notice: since the number of participants is limited, the applications will be handled on a first come, first served basis. We reserve the right to reject applications after the maximum number of participants has been reached. Make sure to submit your application form soon!


Sinter-aid for electronic components, innovation by Alpha Ceramics

New sinter aid out of magnesium oxide spraydried powder successfully developed and tested: provides outstanding insulation, boosts sintered product quality and extends the lifespan of the applied kiln furniture.

Alpha Ceramics, a Sacmi Group company and the leading designer of kiln accessories and infeed/outfeed devices for the firing of advanced ceramics and other special pieces, presents a major innovation for the firing process of electronic components. Successfully tested by a major customer in the industry, this solution uses a special magnesium oxide sinter aid – gives dual advantage of better sintered component quality and extend the lifespan of the used kiln furniture setters.

The starting point for the Aachen-based firm, already a member of Sacmi TEAM (the Sacmi corporate Division that brings together the best special ceramic manufacturing and treatment skills), was the need to minimise chemical interaction between product and setter during electronic component firing. Above all, this latest application – the 100% magnesium oxide sinter aid – offers effective treatment during the sintering process due to the outstanding refractory properties of the compound.

Satisfactory production tests, performed at the customer's factory, have, moreover, highlighted further important advantages of treating the sintering aid that is typically used as kiln furniture for such components. More specifically, the setter plates have demonstrated extraordinary insulating properties at temperatures as high as 1500 °C). The special design of the surface allows also a homogeneous de-binding (elimination of the polymeric binder) of the organic material inside the thermal threated product throughout the firing cycle.

Alongside the improvements in the quality of the sintered components (because there is no interaction between kiln furniture and component anymore), the company was also extremely satisfied to observe that using these Mgo setters also extend the working life of the actual kiln furniture itself, allowing companies in the industry who choose Alpha Ceramics accessories to sharpen their competitiveness even further.




Trends, applications and the latest technology from the high-performance ceramics sector

With more than 100 participants the TEAM DAY 2015 was a high-profile industry event of scientists and users from the technical ceramics field, it was very well attended and a great success. TEAM BY SACMI, consisting of ALPHA Ceramics, LAEIS, RIEDHAMMER, SAMA, GAIOTTO and SACMI Imola, had organized the event for the third time following on from 2008 and 2012.This took place as usual the day before the CERAMITEC in Munich at the Paulaner am Nockherberg. Customers from the technical ceramics and advanced materials branch were invited to TEAM DAY 2015 to discuss in the context of user- meetings their own discipline and moreover to talk about trends, applications and new technologies. The international platform offered by TEAM was also heavily used for Networking:

Chairman Jon Binner (University of Birmingham, UK) directed, professionally and confidently, with British humor throughout the lectures and also presented in addition new technologies for the production of technical ceramics. Chuck Compson (Almatis Inc.; USA) reported on the effect of ppm-impurities on the sintering process and the grain growth of special- reactive-alumina-powders. Stephan Blöß (Heubach GmbH, D) gave an overview about the world of pigments and then explained the peculiarities of fired pigments. Johannes Homa (Lithoz GmbH, A) informed about the latest state of technology in the lithography-based production of dense ceramic components. Frank Sommer (FerroTec GmbH, D) illustrated the possibilities in terms of design, achievable physical properties and Rapid Manufacturing of Fineceramics and Machinable Ceramics. Toralf Rensch (Ibu-Tec advanced materials AG, D) reported on unusual process applications of rotary kilns, especially when used as a chemical reactor. Giuseppe Marletta (Rotfil S.r.l, I) presented the development of highly-sintered electric heating plates for household use and the related challenges in gaining approval in accordance with the guidelines of the EU. Arjen Steiner (Schaumglas Global, D) explained in his presentation the process technology in the production of foam glass from recycled glass waste, and their use as high quality insulation and construction material.

The event organizers received a very positive feedback from the participants, which was confirmed by the fact that during the TEAM DAY 2015 lectures for the TEAM DAY 2018 were registered by customers. The final, dinner at Paulaner in Munich offered the guests and speakers the opportunity to end the day with interesting conversation.


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Hall B1, Stand 101/302

Munich, 20-23 Oktober 2015

Heavy clay, tableware, advanced ceramics, metal powder: the full Sacmi range at Ceramitec 2015

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