For drying processes, we can supply continuous and periodic dryers for shaped products and bulk materials.

For continuous firing processes, we can supply the whole range of kilns:

  • Tunnel kilns
  • Roller kilns
  • Rotary kilns
  • Pendulum kilns
  • Belt furnaces

For periodic firing processes we supply:

  • Shuttle kilns
  • Top-hat kilns

Gas tight kilns are designed for the heat treatment of products under non-oxide atmospheres and/or inert gas atmospheres. For the application of gas tight processes we supply:

  • Top hat kilns
  • Roller hearth kilns
  • Pusher type kilns


The Low O2 Technology is a highly innovative process, which allows debindering and sintering of sophisticated parts within one kiln process. Further advantages of this technology are:

  • precise atmosphere control
  • built-in energy saving system
  • precise temperature homogeneity within the products

 Innovative Treatment of Ceramics Using Low O2 Technology by A. Hajduk/F. Becker

We can offer foam glass technology for both, “wet” and “dry” processing.
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